If you ever have to create a realistic G1 smart phone, and you don’t want to like buy expensive stock images, then this tutorial is for you. I will show you how to create this elegant and realistic G1 smart phone design.

  1. Let’s start out by creating a new file. I used a 500×400 pixels canvas set at 72dpi, and I filled my background with white. Now make a new layer set called ‘g1 smart phone’. Then grab the rounded rectangle tool and above your screen under the options palette choose fill pixels, set the radius to 20 px and check anti-aliased.
  2. In a new layer (layer – new layer) draw a large dark rounded rectangle with #140B10 color shade and 163×320 px dimensions.
  3. Now modify the bottom corners with a smaller curve, use 10 px radius.
  4. Under layer style (layer – layer style) add an inner shadow, satin, color overlay, gradient overlay and stroke blending options to your large dark rounded rectangle layer.
  5. Create a new layer then draw a large black rounded rectangle with 143×275 px dimensions on the same position shown below.
  6. Under layer style (layer – layer style) add a gradient overlay blending option to the large rounded rectangle layer. Then set the layer’s blending mode to lighten.