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Change Hair Color 27

Have you ever wondered how you can change the color of someone’s hair in a picture using photoshop? This is the ultimate and extremely easy solution!

1. Open a picture in photoshop (I used a picture from this site to start with).


2. Make the skin look nicer and give her a tanned color with this tutorial tutorial so she looks like this!


3. Use your polygonal lasso tool to select the hair of the woman on the picture you chose and when you’ve selected it like this, copy it (edit – copy) and create a layer (layer – new layer) and paste it on the new layer (edit – paste).


4. We are now ready to change the hair color on the new layer! This is done by changing the color (image – adjustements – hue/saturation)! Be sure the check the colorize box!



5. And this is how it looks when you compare the pictures (you should also use the blur tool to blur the edges of the hair to make it look nicer)!


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There are 27 comments for this post

  1. Ciara says:

    I’ve seen many better ways to re-touch hair and this really disappoints me.

  2. Adman says:

    I get what you’re saying Ciara, but my purpose was to make it very simple, and yes, it doesn’t looks as good as some other tutorials, but it does the job!

  3. henNah says:

    Good and nice!

  4. chychy180 says:


  5. Bethokumura says:

    I don’t think people should leave negative comments, it takes a lot of courage to post a tutorial up and no one forced them to view the tutorial to begin with. Frankly, I’ve tried the other tutorials for changing hair color and had a miserable time with them! Thank you for sharing, you did a lovely job!

  6. Kikki says:

    I agree with “Bethokumura”, I think this tutorial is awesome! Its very easy and since I am a beginner it is nice to see that some people still think about us beginners… Thanks for sharing it helped a lot!

  7. neriah says:

    Thanks, it’s really fun!

  8. El gato says:

    No matter what one does there will always be those who criticize. Ofcourse, they don’t do anything constructive themselves because they don’t want be to criticized. One just has to ignore these malcontents!

  9. Nathan says:

    Nice tutorial! Although can you tell me how I can be more precise with the polygonal lasso tool? It’s so hard to outline everything so perfectly accurate, is there an easier way than to click 1000 times to form the perimeter?

  10. Admin says:

    You should zoom in and then you’re able to this without a lot of problems… And it doesn’t have to be precise at all! I guess I clicked about 20-30 times… If you think this takes too much of your time you should google for other hair changing tutorials, there are a lot of others offering help… This is just a quick hair changing tutorial, sorry ;) !

  11. dsgrl85 says:

    Hey… I just did it, and it was awesome… Congratulations!!!

  12. maddie_123 says:

    I downloaded this, but it did not work. It just goes to the girl with the purple hair. How do I do this?

  13. Admin says:

    You have to follow the tutorial, the .psd file is just an example of the finished project…

    kindest regards.

  14. lancers says:

    Can anyone tell me which one is the polygonal lasso tool?

  15. Prachi says:


  16. -Nya says:

    Thanks, its not the best but this is what I did with my own photo :D !

  17. coco says:

    How do you do it!!!

  18. Admin says:

    Open photoshop and follow the steps in this tutorial ;-) !

  19. coco says:

    I can’t find that polygonal lasso tool?

  20. Admin says:

    Check out this link to see where you can find the polygonal lasso tool ;-) !

  21. Amy says:

    Where is the colorize button, I have version 8?

  22. georgia says:

    Hello, I want to change my hair colour on a photo but I don’t understand how to do it, any help?

  23. Admin says:

    Hi, you have to download photoshop and follow the steps in this tutorial to change your hair color. good luck ;-) !

  24. tim Hanks says:

    Just amazing, so nice. I am going to try this one.
    I am liking your tuts. :)

  25. LAIDY says:

    Hi, I did the poligonal lasso tool… But it didn’t work… The changing color… I don’t know what went wrong… Any suggestions?

  26. yenna_shin says:

    That really helped me to make a stylish photo, thank you for the tutorial!

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