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Design a Toy Car 1

We’re going to edit a picture of a normal car to make it look like a tiny toy car.

1. Go ahead and find yourself a picture of a nice (sports) car, you can also use mine if you want to!


2. First you will have to select the tyres one by one (I used my polygonal lasso tool) but you can use any tool to select it. When you’ve selected your first tyre you should go to (edit – cut) and paste it on a new layer (edit – paste). You should do exactly the same with the second tire! Make sure you do this coorectly, a screenshot of this second step can be seen below this text.


3. Now deselect everything and select your background layer (the car itself) and go to (edit – transform – scale) and narrow the size of the car in the horizontal direction. Also place your big wheels where they’re supposed to be like shown in the picture below.


4. Add a layer mask to the layers with the wheels like you can see in the image below.


5. Use your brush tool with the following settings and change your foreground color to black #000000 if necessary. Now start brushing on the wheels one by one and make sure you’re working on the layer mask! In the second screenshot you can see where I’ve used my brush tool, it’s in red just to show you where I used it, so don’t copy this but just use the settings described in the text.



6. If everything worked out just fine you should have something like this! I’ve used my crop tool to make the canvas a little bit smaller. And there you have it, a toy car made using photoshop! Now you’re able to do this with every car you can find on the internet so have!


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