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Black & Orange Star Sig 0

Create a black signature with stars and an orange blast background. This can be used on forums or banners on the world wide web.

1. Create a new document (400*120).

2. Insert a nice background picture (you can use the one from this example – right click to download) and you should have something like this.


3. Now adjust the blending options (layer – layer style – blending options) of the background layer because we want to add a pattern to make it look a little bit nicer.


4. Create a new layer (layer – new layer) and start adding some extra stars using this brush so that everything is a bit lighter like my example. Ofcourse you can add whatever you want to make it look more attractive, but in my opinion, a few stars can do the job!


5. Now it’s time to add some text in white with color code #FFFFFF (I used the arial black font, a standard font on every windows computer) and set the blending mode for this layer to overlay.


6. And last but not least, add a simple 1 stroke black #000000 border on another new layer (layer – new layer) and your signature should look like mine below! You can use this on forums, other sites and maybe even as a good looking campaign banner. Hopefully you liked this tutorial and if you want some more of these, just brwose the categories and you’ll find lots of other good photoshop tutorials.


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