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Colourful Swirl 109

We’re going to make a colourful and good looking swirl with only a few steps!

1. Start out by creating a 800*600 document. Now go to (filter – render – clouds) so you end up with something like this.


2. Now go to (filter – pixelate – mezzotint) and select short strokes in th drop down menu!


3. Add another filter (filter – blur – radial blur) and use the following settings, do this twice! In the second screenshot you can see the outcome of this third step!



4. Add a twirl (filter – disort – twirl) with an angle of 120!

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5. It looks boring right now but you have to duplicate the layer (layer – duplicate layer) and then change the blending mode to lighten! After that add a twirl (filter – disort – twirl) with an angle of -180…


6. Now it’s just time to colorize those 2 layers! So go to (image – adjustments – hue/saturation) and make sure you check the colorize box! Use the following 2 screenshots as a reference for the 2 layers! But you can always select other colors you like more!



7. This is what I ended up with! It looks strange but it’s just a nice colourful swirl and can be used for signatures, headers, banners, ads, etc…


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There are 109 comments for this post


    I really enjoyed working with this, but I could not get the color just right on mine…

  2. Manish says:

    Nice one.

  3. sakshi says:

    Fantastic tutorial but did not match exact color which you have shown.

  4. Liam says:

    If the colour isn’t right just add a “curves adjustment” and bring down the curve.

  5. Corina says:

    Simple and beautiful

  6. Sadhik says:

    Superb. Very nice.

  7. ariel says:

    I loved this project it was fun and easy and quick I would like to do this again anytime

  8. sonali says:

    Superb. Simple and beautiful……………..!!!

  9. Anuraag says:

    Clouds is the most amazing thing. I use it almost in every wallpaper which I make.

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