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Create Impressive Fireworks 7

In this photoshop tutorial we’re going to create some fireworks! We won’t copy it from an already existing picture and imlplement it into a picture but we’re actually going to creare this firework ourselves…

1. Create a new file (600*600px) and fill the background with black #000000.


2. Create a new layer (layer – new layer) and select a soft brush (mine has a size of 25px) and start adding some white (change your foreground color to white) dots on the new layer like shown in the screenshot below. Make sure you add more dots on the outside than on the inside…


3. Duplicate the layer from step 2 (layer – duplicate layer) and go to (filter – blur – radial blur). The settings are shown in the first screenshot and the outcome of this radial blur can be viewed in the second one.



4. Merge those 2 layer (layer – merge down)… Now we’re going to duplicate the merged layer again (layer – duplicate layer) and we’re going to change this layers color. Go to (image – adjustments – hue/saturation) and don’t forget to turn on colorize.! I used the following color.


5. Merge the layers again (layer – merge down) and adjust the levels (image – adjustments – levels). You can see the settings I used in the screenshot…


6. Now you can also add an outer glow (layer – layer style – outer glow) like I did with the following settings (screenshot 1). The fireworks look like (screenshot 2) for now…



7. It’s very important to transform the explosion because when it’s as big as it is now it look unrealistic, so go ahead (edit – free transform) and make it smaller!


8. Now duplicate those layers and change the colors of the fireworks using (image – adjustments – hue/saturation)… Now we’ve created somewhat realistic fireworks… You can also add some extras like I did in this last step but that’s totally up to you! You can also go to (filter – liquify) and play a little bit with that filter to achieve some cool effects!


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There are 7 comments for this post

  1. Ignacio says:

    Hey, great tutorial. Its very cool beacause every step is perfectly explained, and with the help of screenshots everything is easier. Great job!!
    Greetings from Argentina!

  2. Adam says:

    Don’t you just love fireworks? :) !

  3. jithin says:


  4. cyane says:


    Et en ajoutant un peu de bruit (filtre – ajout de bruit) sur certaines explosions, cela donne un effet paillettes et scintillant à la réalisation…
    (adding some noise (filter – add noise)on few explosions, it gives some glittering effects to your artwork…)

  5. Admin says:

    Thank you for the tips! Hopefully other users will read this ;) .

  6. Martin says:

    Cool tutorial,very easy to create fireworks by reading.Very clear n convenient.

  7. icblue says:

    The radial blur tool in Photoshop Elements 6 does not work the same as this tutorial. The radial blur is effected both inwards and outwards. Any ideas on how to achieve the same affect in that situation?

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