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Simple Spooky Text 2

We’re going to create a cool spooky text that can be used to print on halloween cards etc.

1. Create a new document (400*150).

2. Fill the background with #000000 black using the paint bucket tool.


3. Now change your foreground color to white #FFFFFF and use your text tool and a very bold font (I used a font called cooper std) to type out some text like I did.


4. Now you should use your smudge tool with a rather small brush size and apply it on the text. make sure you first go to (layer – rasterize – layer). You can seee my result in the screenshot below…


5. Now we’ll just have to add an outer glow with these settings and then we’re done with this tutorial! We’ve just created an extremely simple yet cool spooky text effect.



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  1. Chethiya says:

    This is awesome…

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for posting this tutorial. Worked like a charm.

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